France > A Day to Catch Trouts in Haute-Marne

A Day to Catch Trouts in Haute-Marne


hosting 1 - 2 guests

hosting 1 Day

hosting Brown Trout

hosting Freshwater fishing, Spin fishing, Lure fishing

hosting All levels

hosting French, English

What we'll do

Brown trout is the dream fish of our rivers. Wild and combative, their beauty has no equal.

Bertrand will give you all the tips for a successful trout fishing trip. Choose the right lure, the good animation according to the different places and fishing conditions, the trout with lures ask for the address and the correctness.

Professional and trained in the technique, Bertrand, you will discover a modern and active technique but also a rewarding experience in a natural setting with fish that can exceed easily 40cm.



Welcome by our guide

Arrival and meeting with the guide. He will take you to the fishing spots where you can practise casting or spinning techniques. He will also initiate or improve your techniques in order to catch more trouts!


Lunch break

Lunch break on the riverside. You rest, relax and enjoy the amazing surrounding nature.


Fishing session

After lunch break you keep fishing with your guide on different fishing spots: the Sueurre, Blaise, Rognon or Marne Rivers. You practise the gesture and techniques you have learned from your guide.

Where we'll go

The Marne is a French department that owns its name to the river of the same name that waters it. The department is known for its traditions, castles, medieval cities and, of course, the world’s most famous wine: Champagne. But also for the beauty of its nature and the vastness of its diversity.

The several natural rivers of this region in the West of France also contributed to its reputation. Bertrand will take you to private fishing spots of the most beautiful rivers in Europe that are the Marne, Rogno, Sueurre, and Blaize. In addition to their breathtaking beauty, they harbor many trout fario specimen thanks to the careful management of the environment.

Regarding the fishing, it is in The Sueurre and Blaize rivers that the fish density is higher. Because their water is fresh and transparent, discretion, precision, and animation have to be your watchwords during your fishing session.

What's included


Fishing equipment (rods, fishing reel, baits)

Fishing licence

Fully equipped boat

Transportation to fishing spots


What's excluded


Polarized sunglasses

Fishing clothes

Fishing Seasons

May June July August September

Prices starting from


Per person — Approx. 1 Day


For a good start, get advices from your host Bertand to find out more about this experience.

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