France > Memorable Pike Fishing Trip in the Lac du Der and Forêt d’Orient

Memorable Pike Fishing Trip in the Lac du Der and Forêt d’Orient


hosting 1 guest

hosting 6 Days

hosting Pike, Perch, Zander

hosting Freshwater fishing, Cast fishing, Boat fishing, Spin fishing, Jerk fishing, Bait fishing

hosting All levels

hosting French, English

What we'll do

Have you ever thought of associating fishing with technology? If not then you should know that it can help you catch big fishes. Also if you are unfamiliar with this modern fishing experience, Bertrand Masse is there to help you. Join him on his aluminum boat for an exhilarating trip where together you will track his favorite predator: the pike!

But you can catch other fishes such as perch and zander. On this trip, the guide will show how to use a sounder to grab big fishes of an average size of 80 cm and to sail with an electric motor GPS. Moreover, Bertrand can help you improve in different fishing techniques: cast-fishing, big bait fishing, etc.

Even expert fishermen improve their accuracy and understanding of the environment during this trip. As Bertrand also introduces children to lure fishing, so why not bring them along for a family outdoor activity?


• DAY 1

Welcoming day

Arrival at the lodge and meeting with your guide. After your installation, you can start fishing or choose to relax for the rest of the day.

• DAYS 2 TO 5

Full fishing days

You will enjoy fishing on a boat with your guide. You track big pikes on different lakes, including Lake Der-Chantecoq and Orient Lake, ideal for pike fishing. Their size range averagely from 70 to 80cm and there are many specimens above!

• DAY 6

Departure day

After a last breakfast and goodbyes, it’s time for a way back home.

Where we'll go

Bertrand will welcome you in the Marne department in France, a region known for its beautiful landscapes, champagne, numerous lakes, and rivers. For this trip, you will exclusively fish on the several lakes at your disposal. So your fishing session will depend on the weather but also on your wishes.

Among others, you can choose between the ‘Lac Du Der’, the ‘Lac de la Forêt d’Orient’, the ‘Lac de la Liez’, the ‘Lac de Charmes’ and the ‘Lac de la Mouche’. The Lac Du Der is the largest lake of France (48km²).

This artificial lake is ideal for fishing because it harbors many fish species. Since the water of the Lac de la Forêt d’Orient is crystal clear it makes the fishing session more interesting. The 3 other lakes are located in the center of a natural park and are home to pike, perch, zander, and sheatfish.

What's included


Fishing equipment (rods, fishing reel, baits)

Fishing licence

Fully equipped boat

Transportation to the fishing spots

Linens and towels for the housing

What's excluded

Catering (I can provide a full fridge, on request)


Polarized sunglasses

Fishing clothes

Fishing Seasons

April May June July August September October November December

Prices starting from


Per person — Approx. 6 Days


For a good start, get advices from your host Bertand to find out more about this experience.

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